PTSO Board Positions and Duties

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If you are interested in any of the following positions you can fill out the form here to request a shadow, please reach out to for more information. 


Acts as the main point of contact for the PTSO and attends monthly meetings with the principal. Oversees monthly general meetings and works closely with all committee heads. Maintains organization documents to ensure 501c3 and district compliance.


Vice President
Acts as an aide to the President and performs the duties of the President in their absence. Attends monthly general meetings and works closely with all committee heads. Coordinates volunteer efforts, recruitment and community engagement.

Recording Secretary
Prepares the agenda and meeting minutes for the monthly general meeting. Maintains organization calendar of upcoming meetings and events. Oversees any updates to the PTSO bylaws.

Secretary of Communications
Maintains the PTSO website and social media content throughout the year. Prepares parent newsletters and works closely with the Teacher Representative on staff communications. Works closely with committee heads to prepare event flyers, update bulletin boards and social media announcements.

Maintain financial records and assist with creation and audit of the annual budget. Receive and deposit monies collected for PTSO. Disburse funds for board approved fund requests and reimbursements. Prepares financial report for monthly general meeting.

UPC Representative
Acts as a liaison between the Paradise Valley Unified School District United Parent Council (UPC) and the PTSO. Attends UPC monthly meetings and reports relevant information during the PTSO monthly general meeting. Assists with annual UPC teacher appreciation recognition initiatives.


Teacher Representative- Must be WWA Staff Member
Acts as a liaison between school personnel and the PTSO. Attends monthly general meeting and follows up with staff about any upcoming programs.


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Each month we hold a meeting of our parent organizations which feature presentations by the WWA PTSO, Principal, UPC Representatives and MPO. Stay informed about our upcoming events!

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